What can cause a miscarriage?

Losing a baby is losing an illusion. The physical and emotional trauma can be great for many women, especially because it is often not easy to determine the cause of a miscarriage. Here I tell you what can be the triggers of the loss of a pregnancy.

The news of a pregnancy inflates the illusion and the expectation of a new life as if it were a globe of a thousand colors. But many times, as fast as the balloon was inflated, it can be punctured. This happens when a woman loses her baby spontaneously, that is, due to causes beyond her control or natural causes.

It is estimated that between 10 and 20% of pregnancies detected may end in the first 20 weeks of gestation. Within this percentage, the loss of fertilized eggs that fail to implant in the uterus is not counted at times so early that the woman does not count and she simply believes that her menstrual period was delayed and that it was very abundant.

A miscarriage is perhaps the biggest fear that pregnant women or those who plan to become mothers have. It is not a pleasant subject, but it is necessary to speak clearly of him to clear doubts and, as much as possible, to mitigate fears.

Sometimes, it can not be determined with certainty what causes the loss of a pregnancy, but it is known that the most common causes of a miscarriage are the following:

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