The Art of Makeup

Latest Cosmetics for the Modern woman and their uses:

These are the cosmetics used for makeup.

1. Foundation: This is used to give the skin an even tone. It neutralizes red cheeks, broken veins and freckles. It is very useful if the make-up is to look very effective. It provides the base for all other make-up and makes their application quite easier. It is very essential to keep in mind that the main purpose of a foundation is to even out natural skins tone and not to change the color of the skin. Foundation is available in either liquid, cream or solid form.


2. Face Powder: This is used to set the foundation which would otherwise within 2-3 hours, slide off the skin. Face powder is the essential finishing touch to all make-up. It also gives staying power to lipstick and prevents cream blusher and eye shadow from creasing. Face powder is available either in a loose form or in a compressed form.

3. Concealers: These are required to ‘blot’ out dark shadows under eyes, broken veins, high cheek color, blemishes etc. Concealers come in sticks or as thick cream and are generally applied before foundation.

4. Blusher: This is the first of the color cosmetics that you apply to your face and one of the most flattering Its main purpose is to accentuate the cheekbones and to add color and warmth to the skin. Blushers come in a variety of colors and shades in a wide thrice of textures as well.

5. Eyebrow color: This is used to add color to the eyebrows. These colors are either in the form of a pencil or powder.

6. Eye –Shadows:These are used to give color, definition, and shape to the eyes.


7. Lipstick: This is used to balance the made-up face and to emphasize the mouth. Nowadays, lipsticks have a much softer texture. Lipsticks can be used directly on the lips but it is difficult to achieve a clean outline this way. It is thus better to take the lipstick off the stick with a lip brush.

8. Highlighter: This is generally used for dramatic effects to give a flattering ‘lift’ to a face. It is used on the browline, top of the cheekbone and the top line center. The colors are light cream or white and are available either in the powder or cream form.

9. Shaders and Contours: Shaders are always brown and are used around the face to give a slimming effect. Contours are generally brown and are used under the cheekbone, to give a hollow look. The key to the successful application for shaders and contours is a very light touch.

10. Mascara:This is used to emphasize eyes further by adding color, thickness and sometimes even length to lashes.

When Buying cosmetics and perfumes online make sure to buy from proper sources to avoid buying substandard cosmetics and perfume.