Teens who do not sleep well, could suffer from the heart

Resting and sleeping the necessary hours is critical for health. Teens, who are used to staying up late or staying up late, can often be suffering from problems falling asleep that can cause cardiac complications in the future. Here I tell you more about the relationship between good sleep and heart health.

Lola is 16 years old and loves the night. She does not like to go to bed early and feels more productive when everyone is asleep. Sometimes she stays awake doing homework, listening to music, having fun with her friends or reading. She believes that sleeplessness is part of being a teenager. His mother tells him between seriously and in jest that he looks like a vampire of those who reveals it in popular literature.

But even if Lola and her mother do not see as a big problem the fact that she does not sleep enough, a recent study indicates that sleeping poorly during adolescence can be related to heart problems in adulthood.
A group of Canadian researchers analyzed 4,100 adolescents and found that they slept on average 7.9 hours during the week and 9.4 hours during weekends. Nearly 20% reported poor sleep quality during the week and 10% during the weekend. Some, 6%, said they used medication to help them fall asleep. This study, published in the journal CMAJ ( Canadian Medical Association Journal)

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