Can You Make Someone Fall in Love With You? Science Says Yes!

6. Tell them something awkward about yourself.

It’s obvious that an open and a communicative person has more chances to be liked. So there is nothing surprising about the fact that if you fearlessly share facts about yourself and your life, you make other people like you.
According to a study conducted by the scientists from Harvard Business School, 79% of subjects preferred to be open and sincere people during first dates. They didn’t hide anything, even when it came to weird habits, tastes, awkward situations that happened to them, and even negative character traits. Because it works just like secrets: when we tell someone a secret, there is a special connection between us and the person based on trust and understanding.

5. Don’t do anything. Just let them do something for you.

When we do a good thing or help someone, we feel good. We are happy with ourselves and have very warm emotions for the person we helped. When we justify our effort, we idealize the person we were so generous to and convince ourselves that they deserve this treatment. As a result, we have an emotional anchor and start liking the person even more.
On the other hand, when someone does something for us, we like it too. But it’s about different emotions and not all of them are very positive. We mostly feel as if we owe to the person and we need to pay them back. Things are even harder when this is someone we don’t really like. So, we should keep this psychological effect in mind.

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