Adolescents and social phobia what is it about?


Everyone thinks that being a teenager means enjoying a full social life. Why not? Between school, parties and all activities with friends, there’s sure to be a lot of fun. However, not all adolescents enjoy participating in social events and even reject them. Some even feel deep anxiety to be seen in public in everyday situations. Here I tell you what is this social phobia in adolescents.

Juliana remembers that when she was 16 years old everyone told her to stop being so shy. She was quiet, rather introverted and hated, above all things, having to pass in front of many people. He was embarrassed for example, get on a bus (bus, bus, bus, truck) urban and have to walk down the aisle to find a place. Feeling the glances of the people produced a lot of anxiety to the point of making her sweat and blush. That’s why her mother remembers that she always knew that Juliana’s was much more than shyness. At school, I did not want to participate in activities, such as theater or dance, because of the fear of exposing myself in public and being criticized. She did not like to go to parties because she panicked not knowing if they were going to dance or not.

It was then that they decided to seek professional help and Juliana was diagnosed with social phobia.

Today, several years later, Juliana thanked her mother for taking her to this therapy, because she is a litigating lawyer and her job requires her to speak in public.

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