9 Health Benefits Of Ginger: Why You Should Have It Every Day

Ginger helps relieve nausea associated with pregnancy, travel, chemotherapy, and certain kinds of surgery. Ginger can also ease painful menstrual cramps, help with rheumatic disorders and indigestion, combat insulin resistance, prevent metabolic syndrome, soothe coughs and colds, ease migraines, and work as a blood thinner. It is a mighty herb indeed!

Ginger or Zingiber officinale is a heady herb that can spice up any dish. But that’s not all this humble rhizome can do. Its medicinal properties have, for long, been valued in ancient India, China, and Rome. The oily resin in the roots of the ginger plant contains many bioactive compounds, most prominently gingerols and shogaols, which give it its pungency and beneficial properties.

 Here’s a look at the health benefits of ginger.

1. Relieves Morning Sickness Or Motion Sickness

Studies show that ginger can alleviate nausea caused by various conditions. So whether you’re nauseous because of morning sickness or seasickness, or after chemotherapy or certain surgeries, ginger could be useful for you. 6-gingerol, which gives ginger its unique taste, is thought to be responsible for this property. It has been found to help food move through the stomach and gut.

How to use:

For morning sickness

  • Take a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger when you start feeling nauseous for immediate relief. This works for motion sickness too.3
  • Take 3 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger in a thin cotton towel or cheesecloth and squeeze to extract the juice. Add the juice to a cup of sugarcane juice and stir well. Sip slowly. This concoction works for both pregnancy-related nausea and nausea due to chronic stomach ailments.
  • Taking a ginger capsule with 250 mg to 1 gm of ginger daily is also known to help subside morning sickness.

Although consuming ginger is not known to cause any side effects, it is best to check with your doctor during pregnancy. A safe quantity of ginger during pregnancy is between 1–2 gm per day.

For motion sickness

  • Taking 500 mg to 1 gm of ginger powder 30–60 minutes before you start traveling can help combat travel sickness. You can take an additional 500 mg after 2 to 4 hours if required.  Children above 2 years of age and below 6 can be given a milder dose, not exceeding 250 mg each time.

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